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Bricks behind bars: LEGO® Serious Play® in prison

Assorted colourful Lego bricks and plastic animals

Hello again everyone, to start the new year this blog post within a blog post features my guest blog for the #Take5 series by Sandra Sinfield and Tom Burns of London Metropolitan University. I was invited to share my experiences in using LEGO® Serious Play® with prisoners at HMP Leicester: this gave me a valuable prompt for reflection on this powerful learning opportunity

#Take5 comes from a Learning Development perspective, but offers a rich treasure trove of teaching tips and "a supportive, collegiate space for us to get together and grow what we know" for all those with a passion for learning and teaching. Do consider offering your own blog post for this series!

My blog post outlines the origins of my use of LSP in prison, and reflects on the way that these experiences have impacted on my practice. You can read the blog post here: #Take5 #79 Bricks behind bars: lessons from LEGO® Serious Play® workshops in prison

As I write, my work with LEGO® - based methodologies in prison settings is growing, and I hope to share more insights with you soon.

All the best for 2023,


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