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Play Fair! Play, Learning & Inclusion

Rainbow coloured lego bricks
Hello again everyone, this blog post within a blog post features my guest blog from the recent online Playful Learning Conference 2021. It was a pleasure to re-connect with the vibrant, scholarly yet endearingly silly Playful Learning Association again, and my assigned theme of playful learning and inclusion was just my cup of pedagogic tea.

Back in 2019 I was lucky enough to go to the Playful Learning Conference when it was held here in Leicester: it was a joyful and somewhat surreal experience, and I wrote this blog post about my adventures.

This time the conference applied its typically imaginative ethos to an online event consisting of daily 'live' interactions such as quizzes or party games combined with tasks that could be shared at our leisure via the activity stream. Points were awarded, beautiful things were created and delegates considered a given theme on each day of the week-long conference.

My guest blog focusses on the #Integrity task: we were asked to reflect on those times when our intentions to be inclusive in our playful learning practice go wrong: what happened and what did we learn? Find out what the Playful Learning community came up with in my blog post here: INTEGRITY #PlayLearn21 Day 5

If this has whetted your appetite for more playful learning activities, the Playful Learning Conference will be back in Leicester on the 6th – 8th July 2022: don't miss it!

See you again soon,


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