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Selected publications:

Reeve, J. (2022) Hand-drawn infographics: a tool for reflection and creativity in healthcare research and beyond. In: Hinsliff-Smith, K., McGarry, J. & Ali, P. (eds.) Arts Methodologies within Healthcare Research. Cham: Springer, p.103-120.

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Reeve, J. (2021) Advance HE NTF journeys: The long and winding road to NTF blog post

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O'Sullivan, A., Reeve, J. & Nichols-Drew, L. (2020) Advance HE Virtual conference experiences 2020: blog post 


Reeve, J. (2019) Talking to myself: reflections on Reframing. A conversation reflecting on my experiences of using creative practice (specifically the Reframing technique) within a STEM context, Higher Education Pedagogies, 4:1, 256-261, DOI:

Reeve, J. & Towlson, K. (2019) Playful Writing with Writing PAD. In: James, A. & Nerantzi, C. (eds.) The Power of Play in Higher Education. London: Palgrave MacMillan, p.207-209.


Reeve, J. (2018) HEA STEM 2018 Creative Approaches to Science Writing. [Online] Available from:  


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Reeve, J. (2015-19) Writing PAD East Midlands blog. [Online] Available from:


Reeve, J. (2014) How can adopting the materials and environment of the studio engage Art & Design students more deeply with research and writing? An investigation into the Reframing Research technique, Journal of Writing in Creative Practice, 7 (2) p. 267-281.

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